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Payment is due as services are rendered. If you would like to be on a bi-weekly pay schedule, we require payment upon the beginning of your cycle. We accept credit cards, cash and checks. Regardless of service, a card is placed on file with Spoiled Rotten. Payment via check should be made payable to: Spoiled Rotten. Checks can be mailed or left with your dog walker. Mail can be sent to us at Spoiled Rotten Pet Services, 2324 Lincoln Park West, Unit 4A, Chicago, IL  60614. Payment via Chase Quick Pay is to be sent to the email address Payment via Cash may be left in home in an Envelope dated and written out to 'Spoiled Rotten' for your dog walker to pickup. If and overdue balance persists over 31 days, there will be a 3% interest rate applied to the total remaining balance. Please be advised, Spoiled Rotten reserves the right to terminate services or suspend memberships if overdue balances persist for over a period of time.